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For years i've been experimenting with music, visual and electronic media arts, composing on the piano, guitar and various electronic synths, Midi and computers, exploring computer graphics from its early days. Since childhood Music for me was a combination of sound & visual imagery, as a musician and a visual designer i strive to combine the two together, in this site you can find various works and experiments joining the musical and visual worlds&ideas all of which are done through electronic media.

Since an early age i had many areas of interest - from technology, science of astronomy, cosmology and the universe, to drawing and painting, architecture, computer graphics, creative writing, music - i play the piano, guitar and other instruments and utilizing computers now enable me to create entire orchestrations compositions and a whole bunch of cg virtual worlds, had some experience in html a touch at some programming languages years ago and still create my own websites, all these areas of interest sometimes made it a challenge to decide where to put my focus on and for some reason i always found it very hard to want to do just one thing,since am less interested in small technical details or will to pursue one area of expertise alone, so instead i've decided not to focus on any particular subject and just try to combine all of these areas of interests together, apart from my steady day-profession in 3d visualization in my spare time i work on the combinations and synthesis of different disciplinaries into single products-experiences wither it is visual-audio-musical-film-videography/tech/sometimes with relation to science-cosmology, by that creating multi-layered experiences. i always like to learn new things and skills and usually am very quick in doing so providing that it is of interest to me, individuals or companies with similar interests are welcome to contact for collaborations. 

below: Rhythmic spirals - rough sketch, the first visual concepts and name for this piece composed in 2015 were inspired by the rhythmic ribbon spiral dance as a metaphor for spirals in universe/galaxies/life/dna/etc.

the spiralled ribbon movements could be emphasized by some kind of glowing light material on the ribbon

Here are some selfies


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Here are some actual 3drenderings:) drawn with real pencil
subtracted cubecube2